Dutch Mustard

Holland born, London based Sarah-Jayne Riedel, “SJ”, fronts the just-out-of-the-gate alternative rock project, Dutch Mustard. Last year she released her debut EP An Interpretation of Depersonalisation, which was quickly featured by the BBC, getting airplay on Radio 1’s Future Artists and being selected by none other than rock's enduring sage Iggy Pop on 6 Music.
Dutch Mustard produces a sound that is as dreamy as it is heavy, finding that middle ground in guitar tone between fuzzy and pristine. Riedel writes all the songs and demos most the instruments herself in her bedroom before bringing in other musicians. It becomes a collaborative project, driven always by SJ’s vision and creativity at the helm.
SJ has spent the year since her debut release writing and experimenting creatively, while also juggling bar work at one of London’s infamous music haunts and engineer work at a prestigious North London studio. Surrounding herself with music at all times and always pushing to learn from those around her has made for a formidable band leader who’ll let nothing get in her way.

“Our future headliners - they’re totally infectious in the way they make their music, they do not let up on you moving!” Jack Saunders, BBCR1
“A rousing, triumphant ode to individuality and empowerment” - NOTION
"Big ethereal thumper" DORK